Spreading The Word Of Rights With The Local Community

On Tuesday the 8th May, the School Council and the Steering Group went down to the local library and handed out leaflets and explained to the parents and grandparents about children and adults rights.

We thank Harwood Library for hanging up leaflets for us and the spreading the word wider.

The day was very enjoyable as you can see to the left it was nice , sunny and hot. There was lots of people about so we could hand quite a lot of leaflets out. Also we met a few well know parents along the way.

Out Right Campaign Refugee 2017

Article 14 freedom of thought, belief and religionthe right

Every child has the right to think and believe what they choose and also to practice there religion, as long as there not stopping other people from enjoying their rights.

Out Right Campaign

Paddington bear

Did you know Paddington bear was a refugee. He came from Darkest Peru. He was in danger!! So he moved to London to find a safe home.



So whats the problem

Right now refugee children are in danger over 50 million have hade to leave there homes because of war many are taking dangerous journeys risking there lives in search of safety.

What is an outright

Outright is a campaign for schools in the uk that empowers you to speak out about right.

They have right  to be reunited with there family if they live in a different country.

The right to be protected from war.

Make your voice heard.

You can share to help keep refugee children be safe and runite with there family in the UK .



Chaplaincy retreat day

On Friday 19th January, the school G.I.F.T Team went to St. Joseph’s High School to meet other Chaplains around Bolton. When they arrived, they played games including human bingo where you have to : find a person with one of the qualities on your sheet, write their name, and find another person with another quality on your sheet. The catch is that you are not allowed to use the same person more than once. After that, they made a project on Power To Be campaign for CAFOD where you make a sun and send a picture of it to the World Bank. This will help many people who do not have any access to electricity and power. Shortly after lunch we had a quiet mass held by father Michael, Sandy the Chaplain of Thornleigh and Dan a musician. When they left they had gained knowledge and inspiration to help others around the world like Jesus did.

Friendship Week

Last week was Friendship Week. Friendship week is about Article 19. Article 19 is :Every child has the right to be protected from being mistreated in body or mind. The Steering Group has been talking about how to : stay safe online, peer mediation, being friends and to be nice to your friends. Here are what some of the classes shared with the school: Reception joined up into partners and made little people holding hands. Year 2 talked about e safety and how to stay safe online and showed us some posters that they made in class Year 4,Year 5 and Year 6 made recipes on how to make a friendship soup.

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